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Meet the Staff

Welcome to Meet the Staff.

Below you will find out more about the staff who you will be working with in the Sixth Form.

Mrs Greenwood

Director of Post-16 Education and Wider Partnerships

I have been at North Chadderton since 2000.

During my time here I have had a variety of roles including teacher of Business Studies, ICT, French and Spanish. I worked as Assistant Pastoral Leader for Year 7 for a year and then became Curriculum Leader for Business Studies which I thoroughly enjoyed for 4 years. I am currently a Director for the school and one of my most recent responsibilities involves the leadership of the Sixth Form which I am finding to be one of the most rewarding opportunities to date.

I have remained at North Chadderton for all this time because I really do enjoy working here. I still have tremendous passion for my subject (Business Studies) and enjoy sharing this with my students. Improving my own teaching and learning and ultimately outcomes for students is a really rewarding experience. Making that difference to students’ lives and supporting them to realise their full potential is still something that I feel privileged to be able to do on a daily basis.

I also enjoy working with such a lot of creative and talented colleagues who are not only fun to be around but are always willing to support and help each other. The way that both students and staff at North Chadderton work together as a team is one of the special ingredients that make it such a successful school.

Mr Mannix

Head of Sixth Form

I started teaching at North Chadderton School in 2012 and in this relatively short space of time I have seen the school go from strength-to-strength.

Following a three-year tenure as Assistant Head of Sixth Form, I have recently undertaken the role of Head of Sixth Form and it is a role that I am enjoying immensely. I have a strong passion developing students so that they fulfil their true academic potential, but I also think it is vital that our students take every opportunity to add value to themselves through participation in leadership and extra-curricular opportunities. This is something that I am championing in my new role and I truly hope that it results in our students becoming more well-rounded and more employable leaders and role models.

I am incredibly lucky to work alongside an outstanding team of staff who work tirelessly to get the best out of students. We have a wonderful set of students throughout the school and it is incredibly rewarding to see our students develop throughout their time at North Chadderton.

Alongside my role in Sixth Form, I am also a Business Studies and Economics teacher. I thoroughly enjoy teaching both subjects and I hope that students share my passion, whilst helping prepare them for the real-life business world after education. With a little luck, we may well produce a few budding entrepreneurs along the way too!

Mrs Hilton

Achievement and Attainment Co-ordinator

I am the Sixth Form Pastoral Assistant.

I have worked at North Chadderton School since 2007. I am the main point of contact for the Sixth Form students and am based in the office within the Sixth Form College so I am easily at hand to help the students when needed.

I deal with the day to day administration of the Sixth Form and work alongside our Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Greenwood and Mr Mannix to help raise attainment within the Sixth Form.

Mrs Mossop

I came to North Chadderton as a student teacher from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2002, I instantly knew this was the kind of school I wanted to work in.

I secured my first teaching job in the PE department here and I have seen the school go from strength to strength. 

Whilst being a PE teacher I  have been responsible for introducing vocational subjects into the school curriculum and have seen them grow from strength to strength. In particular,  BTEC National Health and Social Care and Children's Play learning and development have becoming thriving subjects with high success rates. 

My role within school is Second in the Health and Well being Faculty with particular responsibility for leading Vocational education and Teaching and Learning lead for Health and Social Care.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching sixth form and I am passionate about making sure our students continue to enjoy their education and are prepared for life, work and to take role their role in society when leaving us.

Mrs Mountain

I have been teaching at North Chadderton since 2012 and I have the pleasure of working with a superb bunch of people.

Staff here are very supportive of each other and there is a great sense of teamwork in everything that we do which is something that I think makes this school unique.

I teach History (and a little bit of Geography) to students from Year 7 right up to Year 13 and thoroughly enjoy being in the classroom. Our students work hard and achieve great results and find it very rewarding to be a part of this.

I have been a Year 12 mentor for 2 years and I have been very lucky in that I have great students in my mentor group. They are keen to get involved in whole school initiatives, respond well to advice and they are settling really well into life at Sixth Form - I couldn't ask for anything more really!

Mr Moore

I have been at North Chadderton since 1995 having taught previously at schools in Reading, Hazel Grove and Rochdale.

In my many years I have taught several subjects such as Art, PE and Maths and taken on multiple roles including Assistant Head of year and Acting Head of Art. I am currently responsible for teaching and learning in the Art Department.

In my time at this school I have worked with many students, staff, Head Teachers and even experienced a completely new building yet the core essence of North Chadderton has always remained. The school is built on a foundation of striving to always be the best we can in all that we do, that through hard graft and working together we can achieve anything. This ethos filters right through the school from year 7 students to sixth form, from support staff to the Head teacher. I am proud to be able to contribute to this ethos and I genuinely believe this is the reason I have remained here so long and why North Chadderton is such a successful school.

Ms H Vaughan Hadfield

I have been teaching in the Mathematics department at North Chadderton School since 2001 and have the opportunity to teach up to A 'level in Mathematics and Further maths, which helps to helps to stimulate and reward my inner nerd.

Prior to my time at this school I taught in other schools in Oldham, Dewsbury and Manchester. Every school that I've worked in has been very good but North Chadderton is special, which is why I have stayed so long.  The staff here are amazing and their hard work and dedication is the reason that the school has improved year on year.

I am relatively new to my role as sixth form mentor and I am enjoying it immensely.  I feel privileged to be able to work closely and build strong relationships with our sixth form students as they prepare to take the next step in their lives, which may be university or employment. 

Miss Garratt

Having carried out my PGCE training at North Chadderton I was fortunate enough to stay on and begin my teaching career here in 2015.

Coming from a background of Classics and Ancient History, I now teach English at KS3 and 4 and specialise in English Literature at KS5 as well as being a Sixth Form Mentor. I am an avid reader and am very passionate about inciting an enjoyment of literature in my students.

I am really excited about becoming part of the Sixth Form team this year and am particularly looking forward to getting to know my new form. It will be a privilege to aid them with important decisions and offer advice and support with their academic pursuits and ambitions for the future. 

Miss Esser

I joined North Chadderton in 2016.

I teach Psychology to KS4 and KS5 students and have recently joined the Sixth Form mentoring team. I have really enjoyed my time so far at the school and was very pleased to have been asked to become a Sixth Form Mentor. I am really looking forward to developing relationships with my mentees in order to nurture, support and offer advice to them regarding their academic studies and future educational or work aspirations. I feel incredibly lucky to work in such a fantastic school, to be surrounded by amazing colleagues and to teach Psychology, the subject that I am most passionate about.

Mrs Silby-Lewis

Prior to joining North Chadderton School, I worked for 3 years in a school in a Stoke-on-Trent and 4 years in a school in High Wycombe.

Family reasons brought me back to the North West where I have been lucky to enjoy 12 years working at North Chadderton School.

During my time here, I have taught many of the current Year 12 and 13 students during their KS3 or KS4 journeys in English. English is a great subject because it is allows pupils to delight in exploring the world through real and imaginary worlds whilst developing the key skills needed for a successful life and career.
I have remained at North Chadderton School for such a long time because it really is one of the best schools to work at. The school has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Not only do we have an amazing staff, but our wonderful students make the experience of working at North Chadderton School both worthwhile and rewarding.

It is a pleasure to be reacquainted with many of our students through my work as a 6th Form Mentor. I look forward to seeing them grow into fine young adults over the coming two years.

I am the Teaching and Learning Lead for Modern Foreign languages and I have been teaching French and Spanish at North Chadderton School since April 2000. The school has gone from strength to strength during my years of service here but one thing has never changed; I have always been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with dedicated colleagues and hard-working students. I am new to the sixth form mentor team this academic year and am very much looking forward to my mentoring role. I believe that excellent relationships between staff and students is key to success at A-level and am happy I have been asked to be part of this important team.